Gear Pump

MB series gear wheel is the newest design according to the market demand, which is an efficient & economize design. This product hasa good merit, including compact structure, light weight, convenient maintain, etc. This series gear wheel pump has C & B two types, C model gear wheel material is cast iron, usually used in pump water, coal oil, light oil, heavy oil, machine oil etc. B model gear wheel material iscopper usually used in pump salt solution. thin hydrochloric acid and other deversified chemistry liquid. This series product was fond by consumer since throw in the market for three years.

Product Detail

Model Power Consumption (KW) Revolutions (r/min) Flow (L/min) Pressure (Mpa)
MB 1/2C 0.22 500 16 0.2-0.4
MB 3/4C 0.37 500 39 0.2-0.4
MB 1C 0.75 500 56 0.2-0.4
MB1 1/2C 1.7 450 100 0.2-0.4
MB 2C 2.6 450 160 0.2-0.4
MB 3C 3.7 450 320 0.2-0.4