Electrical Epoxy Pump

Coil cooling and washing device equipped - World patent acquired. Suitable for open and wide places such as a cowshed, pigpen, henhouse, garden and school portable and easy to use

Product Detail

Model M - 900
Power 220V/560W/50HZ
Discharge Flow Rate 0~0.8L/min
Working Pressure 0~400kg/cm2 (0~6000 PSI)
Maximum Pressure 400~550kg/cm2 (6000~8000 PSI)
Suction Type Gravity Flow
Size (Box) 510mm x 205mm x 540mm
Weight 9kg
  1. Test run the machine before operation
  2. Pour in the polyurethane resin into the material holding cup and cover the cup lid
  3. Connect the injection nozzle head with the drilled packers
  4. Inject the polyurathane resin into the concrete structure until overflows.
  5. Turn off the power and the valve switch
  6. Clean the pump machine and material holding cup using cleanser.