Electrical Road Sweeper

S1900DP Rider sweeper is one setof vacuum sweeping jet sweeper, suitable for municipal, comercial, industrial and other fields, professional solution dust on the road, leaves, sand, Stones, Cihps, Soft Drinks bottles of varioustypes of garbage

Product Detail

Project Unit Parameters
Width (included vrush) mm 1900
Productivity m3/h 13000
Continuous work time h 8
Waste hopper capacity L 200
Filter Surface m3 10
Main Brush Length mm 850
Side brush's diameter mm 500
Work Speed km/h 12
Driving Speed km/h 7
Gradient " <30
Voltage V 48
Selft Weight Kg 930
Working Power W /0--
Driving Power W 3000
Spray water tank (optional) L 30 - 60
Size (L*W*H) mm 2100*1250*1900

The above parameter are for reference only, specific to the actual model as the Standard


  • Adopt internation advanced technologry cleaning slinger, dust box utilization of the thearetical value of 100%
  • Can easilty dust dust, leaves, bricks, stone, beverage bottles to the trash scavenging
  • Smartphone operating system, imported electric control system, the system has over-current, under-voltage protection, more safe and reliable
  • The brand maintenance - free lead - acid batteries, without adding liquid does not leak, does not emit gases
  • The 300W high-power drive assembly, the operating environment is more suitable for multi - slope
  • Built-in super power vacuum system, large filtration area, high-quality filters, easy to disassemble to clean, long service Me.
  • High quality water - resistant wire brush to brush the side of the main brush (Length 850mm), long life, bristles without breakage.